Surviving Technology

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Here’s a letter from a reader:

“If you are interested in vintage ham rigs and stories that surround them, then “Surviving Technology” is a must read book. Bruce Vaughan, NR5Q, has written a best seller. His stories about his background in Radio and TV sales, as well as his ham adventures will keep you in your chair reading.

This kind of information hardly ever makes it to a book, especially with the human interest items about dealing with customers and their amusing quirks. Bruce had a very successful career, interrupted by the military (more funny stories), and he chronicles them along with interesting Arkansas country situations that keep your attention.

I found myself reading many of the stories to my wife and grandchildren and laughing so much I could hardly read. A lot of American history takes place in the book, particularly WWII.  Bruce is a great spinner of yarns and you will not regret getting the book. There are great pictures and the rigs Bruce has built are unbelievable.”

Ken Bratz / WA5JUM


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