Favorite Links

Antique Electric Supply – Supplier of books, capacitors, transformers, resistors and other electronic components for vacuum tube based equipment. Offers materials and handbooks.

Ten-Tec – Radio kits and accessories.

Ham Radio Station WD5B – Amateur radio station WD5B is located in Channel Islands Harbor, California between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  Operated by Richard and Cody Duncan in Oxnard, California and in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization W9BSP Amateur Radio Club Project Page – Ensor Park and Museum page.

NJ7P Tube Database Search – This database contains data on thousands of tubes.

The James Millen Society– A society devoted to the story of James Millen. James Millen, a mechanical engineer, was the driving force behind the National Radio Company for many years. He is responsible for such radios as the SW-3, FB-7, AGS, HRO series, and many others. After a dispute with National stockholders, he quit and formed the James Millen Company—primarily a company devoted to building top quality radio components and equipment. He understood what made a radio a cut above the competition and produced some of the best radios ever constructed.

Replica Vintage Ham Transmitters – Part of the antiquewireless.org’s website.

Amateur Radio Station W1UJR –  Beautiful classic equipment site.