Church in Taos, New Mexico


Sunrise in Monument Valley, Utah


Camping in Monument Valley, Utah



Pueblo Dwelling in Taos, New Mexico


Mountain Topping


Taos Pueblo Stream


Exhibition Photos


Navajo Woman

I was browsing among the outer edge of the Taos Pueblo looking for pictures.   This woman’s door was open and she was sitting on a badly worn couch. I stepped to the door and asked, “Pardon my intrusion, but I wondered if you speak English.” She nodded her head in a positive gesture. “I was wondering if you would pose for a couple of pictures for me? I continued. 

“I am old and my feet are swollen, I don’t think I want to get up,” she said.

“I am sorry you are not well. You would make a good model and I pay $20.00 an hour for modeling.”

“I’m beginning to feel better,” she said as she walked outside.


God’s Prayer Station

This photo was made some twenty years ago near McAllister, Oklahoma on highway 69. I cannot explain why, but it has been one of my favorite photographs. Most viewers do not seem to appreciate it.


Man and Machine

Model in photo is Charles Banks.  I shot the crane and worker one Sunday when workers were off for the day.  The construction site was the Freeze and Store facility on East Sunset.  Almost everyone will recognize Wrigley Tower in the background.  The photo was exposed from my room on the 29th floor of the Shearton Hotel on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The photograph is a double printing job with the background badly underexposed while overexposing the foreground. It has been exhibited worldwide and seldom receives a negative vote.



This photo is one of a series made as an exercise in black edge lighting.  This is a straight print, no manipulation of the image was used. I was careful to use high key lighting with only one bit of color–the strawberries.  Lighting was one #2 photoflood lamp in a 12 inch reflector under the glassware and aimed at a white background. One mini spot was used to light strawberries.


Emma Avenue Crossing

An early experiment using  the Mediabrome process made famous by Leonard Meisonne almost 100 years ago.  If you cannot find the details of Mediabrome on the internet I’ll be glad to give you the details.


Jazz Musician

This is a self portrait made on an E. & H.T. Anthony studio camera circa 1855.  Lens was a 10 inch Darlot.  I wanted to prove that I could make a picture that would win in International Competition using a camera and lens over 100 years old.  It made the grade in Montreal, Canada and was then retired.  The camera is in the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History collection.

Photo details: Horn was provided by Charles Banks and is also in the Shiloh Museum Collection. I tripped the Packard shutter by placing the rubber bulb under my foot and pressing on it.  My cigarette is dyed in coffee to give it the look (so I’ve been told) of a “joint.”



Bright Eyes

I came home one day at noon and found Mary and Sandy, my very young daughter, just getting through with their bath.  I quickly grabbed my Rolleiflex and made shot using window light only.


Direct Hit

I heard that the local fire department was going to burn an old building as a training exercise. I was there to catch the house burning. Next I set up my Nikon FTN on a tripod in our second floor west window and waited…and waited….and waited. Finally I was rewarded with an electrical storm. Out of the dozens of exposures, this one fit the scene best. Of course it is a simple double printing of the two images.


Point and Counterpoint

This idea for a photograph began when my daughter gave me a pair of  white boxer shorts decorated with red hearts.  Once the idea “jelled,” I had to talk my wife into going into one of “those” stores and buying a very brief and almost totally transparent pair of ladies’ unmentionables.  The clothesline is regular 18 gauge insulated wire sprayed with flat black paint. New clothespins were purchased and sprayed with the same paint.

The clothesline was strung from wall to wall in our backyard studio.

Lighting was two #2 fotofloods in 12 inch reflectors aimed at background only.  Exposure was on a Hasselblad with 75 mm lens.


34 Dodge Pickup

Pettigrew, Arkansas


Carnival Barker

Made at the Washington County Fair many years ago—educated guess of timeframe is 1965-1970.



Old log cabin near Devil’s Den.


Garden of the Future

No camera involved. A bunch of springs, gears, screws, and metal shavings were arranged on a sheet of photographic enlarging paper by yellow safelight. Once arranged, the paper was exposed to overhead light for 3 seconds. Paper was then developed normally.


Nebraska Church

Plus X film, Hasselblad 500C with normal 75mm lens, no filter.



 Early Morning—St. Louis, Missouri


ORU Prayer Tower

Rolleiflex, Plus X Pan, normal development



White Sands, New Mexico


Grandfather Mack Gibson and His Five String Banjo


Gina’s First Christmas

Found starving in City Park when about ten days old.