Last Radio Built in the 20th Century

Is this really the last radio built in the 20th century? I have no idea if the statement is true. It might be difficult to prove it is not true. Here is the story: I was building this particular radio in December of 1999. I got the idea to have a bit of fun and finish it the second the year ended. I first built and checked the power supply. Then I built and checked the pre-amp and audio output. Finally I wired up the detector, but did not solder in the capacitor to feed the detector into the pre-amp. I called in friends to act as witnesses. With the Kenwood 930 tuned to WWV, I waited until the last minute of the century, and then soldered one end of the cap. With about three seconds to go, I soldered the last joint. The set was complete—if it worked. It did indeed work; loud and clear. I had friends sign the typewritten papers showing that they had witnessed the last connection being soldered as the year ended.

So what? What were you trying to prove? My answer is: absolutely nothing. I thought it would be a fun radio for one of my kids, grandkids, or a friend to own. It may or may not be the last receiver built in the 20th century, but it is a helluva good story—and documented.

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