WRL Globe Scout 40A

The little Globe Scout is dear to many hams. It was a beginning level transmitter that offered both AM phone and CW operation for less than $100. I bought one around 1950, plus or minus a year. It worked very well for a few years, then in a fit of poverty I sold it. This near-perfect Globe Scout took me many years to find.

Leo Meyerson, W0FGQ, began building radios in the early 20’s. In the 30’s he borrowed $1,000 and went in business as Wholesale Radio Laboratories. After WWII, Leo changed the name of his business to World Radio Laboratories. He not only sold an extensive line of parts, but manufactured radio equipment—mostly radio transmitters. His most popular items were the Globe Scout, Globe Chief, and Globe King. Leo died soon after celebrating his 100th birthday in April, 2011. He will be sorely missed by the ham fraternity.

Leo died this year (2011) soon after celebrating his 100th birthday. He will be missed by the ham fraternity.

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